Agricultural Classes


Prizes: 1st – £2; 2nd – £1; 3rd – 50p.

128. 5 potatoes (kidney or oval) white

129. 5 potatoes (kidney or oval) coloured

130. 5 potatoes (round) any colour

131. 3 stems of kale

132. 7lb sample of Barley in bag

133. 7lb sample of silage in bag

134. Bale of hay (permanent pasture)

135. Bale of hay (temporary pasture)

136. 3 Fodder Beet


Entrance Fee £2. Prizes 1st – £10; 2nd – £6; 3rd – £4

137. 1 Breeding Ewe (any breed or cross 4 teeth or older)

138. 1 Ewe (any breed or cross 2 teeth)

139. 1 Ewe Lamb (any breed or cross for breeding)

140. 1 Ram (any breed or cross shearling)

141. 1 Older Ram (any breed or cross)

142. Any Ram Lamb (born this year, any breed or cross)

143. 1 Finished Lamb (any breed or cross not entered in previous classes)

All livestock subject to DEFRA regulations and must be delivered to the Show field between 9.30 and 10.00 a.m.

MV section available. Please inform the Secretary by Wednesday 15th August so that we can make adequate arrangements.

We would ask all Exhibitors and Visitors to follow the advice given on the Show field.

Sheaf Pitching

Entrance fee: 50p; Shield and Trophy

Entries taken on the day.

196. Ladies

197. Men


Tom Archer, Agricultural Secretary

Tel: 01647 253017

Straw Barn, Dry Lane, Christow, Nr. Exeter, EX6 7PQ


Entry Form